millenoki DATA CONTROL
Savings, Insight and Policy Control in a secure environment

millenoki DATA CONTROL™ is a web-based control panel for company mobile devices that enables a business to:

  • reduce data use and save money by using our proprietary data compression technology;
  • get detailed insights into where, when and what data is being used by who on mobile devices;
  • avoid bill shock by controlling employee web and app access on cell and Wi-Fi, at home or roaming, and:
  • secure devices with VPN connectivity and malicious site protection

The software comprises four modules:

Mobile Data Optimization

Enables central control of compression (savings) levels on:

  • video
  • audio
  • images

Savings of up to 75% on video and audio, 90% on images and 98% text are achievable.

Mobile Data Insight

Reports data usage by employee on cellular and Wi-Fi at a granular level, identifying the detail of where data has been used (web, app, email, video), where it was consumed (domestic or roaming) and when.

Analysis tools help identify usage patterns by individual, department, business unit, pay grade or any other defined group, which helps shape policy control and drive costs down.

Mobile Policy Control

Allows the administrator to control both access to particular apps or websites and compression (savings) levels. This is configurable by:

  • individual or group
  • by time of day
  • network type (cellular or Wi-Fi)
  • location (home or roaming)

Mobile Device Security

Whether you mobile device strategy is BYOD, CYOD or more prescriptive, millenoki DATA CONTROL™ creates a secure environment for your data on cellular or Wi-Fi.

VPN device connectivity and malicious site protection ensure corporate security and privacy.

How It Works

millenoki DATA CONTROL™ is implemented on-device by the deployment of a millenoki app. The app directs all device traffic to your Company’s compression, tracking and policy control server. A VPN connection ensures company security and privacy.

The App provides reporting of cellular and Wi-Fi usage at a granular level on-device for the user, as well as notification of data usage warnings and a channel for other messages.

millenoki DATA CONTROL™ is available for iOS7 and Android devices (from Gingerbread v2.3 onwards). Coverage of Windows Phone 8 will follow shortly.